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Originally Posted by hypodermical View Post
Are you trying to say that pac was a better fighter when he was a straight up brawler??? ie morales 1 ? Are you kidding me?! Manny's natural speed and power with the technical boxing that he gained from Roach made him better.

I do agree that Pac tried to outbox JMM too much, meaning he was way too conservative and cautious. But that doesn't mean that he should've gone full brawler mode instead. It should've been somewhere in the middle.

Go watch the fight again and watch when Pac was moving to his right, JMM's left. that's when he was getting JMM and JMM was unable to counter since Pac would be almost behind him after. Then Pac's corner told him to keep doing that, but he didn't listen.

Marquez outclassed Pac? Really? I respect your opinion if you think JMM won the CLOSE FIGHT. But to say that JMM outclassed Pac is plain retard! Did you see JMM's face after the fight? The DEFENSIVE fighter got hit more, that's why he lost.
OK, just rewatched the fight.

No I'm not advocating he go back to being a one punch fighter, but having only lost to Morales but beating Barerra and drawing with Marquez before that fight he was doing pretty well as a loose canon...

Was Manny a better fighter when he first fought Marquez? It looks that way because he won the first fight, knocked him down 4 times and only closely lost the second fight in my opinion. If he fought like that yesterday there was every possibility of taking Marquez out by being explosive and unpredictable, not by being careful. All the talk from Pacs corner was how this was going to be definitive with a knockout... I was hoping that Pacman was going to show up and teach Marquez a lesson, but it was the other way around.

To be honest on replay the HBO broadcast and commentary seems highly biased, not to mention the pathetic scoring by Lederman, 8 rounds to 4.... bollocks. His defending of the judges and commenting how good and honest they were at the end of the fight seemed like a setup for what was to come with scoring. To be honest the fight looked a lot closer when listening to the HBO commentary, but I believe they were leading or misleading the audience or just being too pro Pacquiao.

I watched the original fight without sound as the speaker system had broken at the venue, which almost cause a riot.... But I'm glad now as I was going by what I saw and it was 8 to 4 Marquez with Marquez landing the hard clean shots. The place was full of Filipinos and you could have heard a pin drop, there was barely a cheer for Pacquiao the whole fight. Another thing with the replays between rounds. I think it was round 7 or 8 where Marquez landed a flurry of punches and on replay they showed Pac landing one shot on him and completely ignored that beautiful combination, happened in another round too, and there were instances where Marquez shots were just plain ignored by the commentators altogether.

I did see Marquez's face, sure did, but did you see Manny's at the end of the fight? That didn't look like a winners face and he looked sheepish when the results were read out. A black eye doesn't mean you win a boxing match. There were so many rounds where Pacquiao was given the benefit of the doubt and the edge, where there was none to give, at worst I call it 7 rounds to 5 for Marquez.

Marquez out boxed him definitely with Pacman unsure of which route to take for victory, he got Pacman to change his style, which is a compliment in itself. Marquez did what he does, brilliant technical counter punching with great timing.

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