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Originally Posted by ИATAS206 View Post
Remember when Jay Cutler of the chicago bears got injured against the packers last year and everyone and their mama suddenly became doctors and said he was faking and that "if I were him I would have played!" and took a giant dump on him?

Then it turned out he truly was injured?

yeah. Similar thing here with hopkins. It's easy to watch on the seat of your couch or computer chair and say "oh he quit! he's faking" versus being the actual person who went through the injury the first place.

Could Jay Cutler have continued? Probably. Probably would have got killed and injured even more being that he was getting sacked every 3-5 plays and possibly ruined his entire career. Could hopkins have continued? Probably. With limited use of one arm and would have surly lost with only the right hand to operate with, not too mention risks further injury.

Everyone on this site is a warrior who would fight with two broken arms, one eye, 18 cuts, a nosebleed and a broken leg. Without question.
Well said man. It's a shame other members can't see it this way, and "insist" that Bernard looked for an easy opportunity to quit.

Are you kidding me? Bernard's never done this throughout his whole career. Even when Pascal had Bernard down 3 times in their first fight - (especially considering Bernard hadn't been knocked down for years prior to that) - Bernard didn't look for a way out.

Sure, he resorts to gamesmanship to try and bide some time in the ring, but he certainly wouldn't quit. Especially against the feather fisted Dawson
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