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"You heard it here first..."

Yeah, except the news been out for months.
Image View Removed. For more information, please contact our forum admins by clicking here.

At least the news about it being developed.

cool show-idea though.

Sorry. I missed where you posted the details.
So you got so butthurt over me telling u this is not new and definitely not where "u heard it first", that you put me on ignore?


what kind of a ****ing are u really?

Sorry i crushed your dreams pedro.

Oh and heres the original news about it slowpoke.
news/Entourage_Creator_Teams_with_****e_Lee_Mike_Tyson_ for_HBO_Show/7810787 (with the hollywood(dot)com prefix since new users can't post urls. lol, and the s p i k where the stars is.)

Now please remove me from the ignore list so i can keep posting in your ****ty threads. I promise not to be mean to you anymore.

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