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Originally Posted by edgarg View Post
You have a terriffic memory. I only remember that Klitsschko got his eyebrow gashed, a harmless bruise and 2 very thin "paper"cuts under his lert eye. The fight was stopped because the doctor thought his eyelid nerves wee severed, preventiing him from sein AT LL from that eye, whereas in fact, hecould see perfectwely well and his eyelid was working perfectly. I've seen many other fighters with far worse injuries-REAL fight stopping injuries. So you'r memory is fictititous.

We all forget that Liston, although very good for his time, and could beat almost anybody, was as slow as molasses, and wouldn't be able to keept up inthese days. I' sorry to say this because I liked Liston's fighting. Also "reach" is EXAGGERATED as it has to be divided in half, and the shouldrewr width also muct be taken into consideration. ALSO, how squarely the fighter stands.

As for Tyson, at his best, I'd back him to beat ANYBODY, no matter how big, nor how good.

The Klitschkos would both give Holmes a bit of a beating, I'm afraid.
in a fairy tale kinda world...........but in the real world both get outboxed & tko'd by holmes..............
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