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Default A bit More on DARCY

Originally Posted by McGoorty View Post
Again Les Darcy, I doubt if there was a better teenager in history but i'd be glad to hear about another Teenager who could rival him for the title of "THE TEENAGE G.O.A.T.", I'm talking about all round greatness but he's a big contender for hardest puncher as well, I'm not saying he is for certain all the above but I need names, how many teenage MW's are there that could knock out HW's one of those KO's gave him the HW champion of Australia in Australia's greatest era for HW's ( 1890-17 ) ever. ..... I have read all the posts on yhis thread and agree with all of them. I dont think I saw Tyson's name though i think he's certainty. The guy who said Duran was spot on.
Teenage G.O.A.T. now there's a good debate, Thread Anyone ?, as to my above claims, I mean The guy who by his 20th year or close (not 21) who has achieved the most at a tender age and everything Darcy ever did was between a ridiculously young 14 years and 20 and a half years of age as a professional, his first professional fight was not far past his 14th birthday against a local and experienced 28 yo pro with a lot of experience by the name of Guv'nor Balsa and this barely a teen won the fight in the 11th round, then the boy was unbeaten for 2 tears when the youngster tried to fight Bob Whitelaw for the Australian Welterweight title. That was the first loss in Darcy's career, Les then aimed to win the belt in a rematch but he had to take fights in the next months and by the time he got Whitelaw back in the ring young Les had outgrown the WW limit and weighed in as a virtual JMW so the title wasn't on the line, the fight never went the distance as Darcy got his revenge in a total whitewash, excuse the pun.
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........................... Darcy was only beaten 3 more times in his career but here's the rub, here's the '""L"" facts, only one of those losses is even close to legit, Darcy fought Fritz Holland 4 times losing the first in a debatable 20 rd decision but the crowd rioted claiming a "robbery" but writers were split in their opinions, they met again straight away. the 2nd fight was quite different, this time the fight became an ongoing controversy as most writers say that Darcy was a clear cut victory but the decision went to Holland and as was almost normal, the crowd rioted but this time they went berserk and almost wrote the place off, a bit like the Rose vs Castillo fight, anyway the common fan's claimed the management of corruption, where were some arrests............................... ,
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In the 3rd and 4th Holland fights Darcy had become a vastly improved boxer and Fritz was blown away and in especially the 4th where Darcy KO'd him with a devastating performance. The only other man to claim any type of victory was Jeff Smith of the U.S.A. in one of the all-time boxing controversies, in a fight for the Australian version of the Middleweight Championship of the World, one of the two World titles in existence ( re- death of Ketchell ), anyway the fight was furious at the beginning but Darcy quickly gained superiority, unlike many Darcy fights, Darcy wanted to win that title quickly and was trying to get Smith out of there, from what I've read of the accounts, Smith was being hammered and in the 2nd they claim that Smith claimed a low blow and the referee immediately ruled the fight off and Smith was still champion, as you would have probably guessed by now, yep the crowd went nuts again.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ............................................ A rematch was arranged soon after so Darcy trained very hard and entered the ring in perfect condition an now a fully developed MW. Smith seemed very determined but not full of confidence, Darcy was a big favorite for the title and he went at it with a grimness he'd never shown before, Darcy usually smiled through a fight before, during and after but not now. For one and a half rounds it was the same as Fight 1 except Darcy made sure he didn't let anything go near a lower blow, then it seemed for a moment that history was against Darcy as the desperate Smith tried a low blow and it hit Darcy square in the middle of Les's Nuts and Darcy was in agony, the blow caused serious damage and left a fist sized dent in the protective cup which was useless, this time the ref saw everything and DQ'd Smith and there was no protest at the result and Les Darcy became the WMWC*, I have never heard of any claims by Smith who just said that Les Darcy was the world's best and his toughest opponent shortly after.,,,,,,,,,,,.. .................................................. . So I've covered his 4 losses, the controversy of the first Smith fight was the last time Les Darcy would ever be defeated in his life and that 2nd Smith fight was just the halfway point of his career from that moment he went through nine-tenths of the worlds best MW's and looked great doing it , not bad, not bad, and they were all 20 rounders but not many went the distance, once when he was asked why he fought so many times ( 13 fts 1915 and 10 in 1916 alone ) and why he seemed in such a hurry to reach the top, he replied that he felt that he would die young I don't think I'll survive the WAR,...he didn't,...a premonition ?. Les darcy won 46 fights with 29 KO's at a career average of 58%, he fought a total of 535 rounds, compare this to anybody's record for a teenager and I'd be surprised if anybody can pick those stats apart. In his legendary career he defeated excellent talent, he defeated George Chip ( KO9), Eddie Mcgoorty twice ( TKO 15 and TKO 8 with 4 knockdowns in the 8th ), Jimmy Clabby twice for 2 decisions ( 40 rds ), Jeff Smith, Dave Smith HW twice ( TKOs ) Mick King ( TKO ), KO BROWN a LHW twice (UD's), Harold Hardwick a HW (one punch KO rd 7) where it was reminicent of Ketchel vs Johnson. .........................
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Hardwick a BIG heavy hit Darcy with the hardest punch he;d ever taken in his 50 fights, the punch sent two of Darcy's front teeth flying, Hardwick stood back to watch Darcy fall but was stunned to see the punch had no effect on Les, he just smiled, not a wide grin, an ominous one, just like Big Jack with Stanley the fight was over in a flash, Darcy's smile turned icy and Les flew at Hardwick with more ferocity than the rest of his fights combined, for the first time in Darcy's career it looked as if Darcy wanted to kill somebody, the fight ended suddenly with a single punch to the jaw that severed Hardwicks senses from reality he lay prone on the canvas and did not move for minutes, observers said it was the hardest single blow ever seen in Sydney, some claim eh, many hall of fame legends had fought there including Langford, but anyway they said it seemed the big fella ( now ex- Champion ) had been poleaxed as if hit by a bullet ( if only there was film ). I wouldn't think too many know some of this stuff, I apologise if any of this is common knowledge, but I hope it helps y'all to understand a bit more of this much neglected legend of the ring.

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