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Originally Posted by the vacationer View Post
-the IRS announced that Floyd owed $6.1 million in back taxes.

-Soon after he was sued by a Florida real estate developer who claimed Mayweather backed out of the purchase of an $8.5 million house, he allegedly owed the first installment of $1.7 million.

-Just a few months later $7.1 million worth of Jewelry was stolen from his home. As recently as September 2009 Floyd was sued by JP Morgan for failing to make payment on a $528,000 Mercedes Maybach 57S. Mayweather borrowed $415,000 at an annual interest rate of 16% in order to pay for the car, he reportedly has not made the $9000 monthly payment in over a year.

-Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.'s promotional company has been evicted from its Las Vegas office. Mayweather Promotions LLC has accrued almost $63,000 in unpaid rent.

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Wouldn't I just love to receive a 16% guaranteed fully secured interest payment. I am struggling to maintain an 8% average with my investments, and in today's financial climate it is really hard. So to hear of these thugs burning $100 bills, and buying 7-10 million dollar mansions when they were probably brought up in the back rooms of a shack somewhere means that instead of their earlier life teaching them the value of money, so that they can derive great pleasure from dispensing loans and gifts to the genuine poor, they just squander their cash away. Although the American way is that you charge as much as the market will bear, they really don't deserve their wonderful good fortune.

In the old days there were so many stories, films too, all well documented too, about Arab sheiks, when they so suddenly became wealthy used to have cartons full of bills under their divans, which, when they went to look at them, they were mostly rotted away to uselessness. There are those still alive who recall the days when the Emir Abdullah, of Trans-Jordan, a British Protectorate, got his yearly payoff from Britain, it was paid in camel loads of gold coins only. He had no oil discoveries in TransJordan. I've seen movie pictures of these very same camel trips, on the old Movietone News reports.

I was recently reading a story of a well known wrestler (was it Rick Savage, I'm not sure) who buried over $500,000 in bills in a can in his garden earned during his wrestling days, and when at age 60, he dug it up, it was all rotted away, useless.

I now remember this was in the context of a story about Rocky Marciano, who was money crazy, and didn't trust banks, but buried a reputed $4 million in his property somewhere. Having been killed unexpectedly aged about only 44-45, it was never found, and there are still periodic "expeditions" trying to find it. The story was about whether his reputed connections with the Mafia were true of false, and exposed that the Cessna plane in which he crashed, was owned and piloted by his friend the son of a big Mafia Don whose name was I think (not sure) Fallone, or something like that. He had cashed in his regular flight ticket because he could get the free ride. That's how it all happened.

Off the track of the topic I suppose, but some might find it interesting. I did, so I'm sharing it.
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