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PAC is catching all of this grief because he's suppose to be an all-time great... And when you couple all off this with the lackluster fights, that most boxing scribes, boxers, oddsmakers, his own coach and the majority of boxing fans (PAC fans included) had him picked as easily winning.

...and YES, it's his fault... He's far from this naive humble character that he portrays himself as. He knows perfectly well what he's been doing... And it's cool... He's getting paid, really paid... He's growing his brand... He's avoiding real challenges and people have grown tired of it... It really has zero to do with PBF... PAC could have shut him up a long time ago... But "HE" chose not to... Plain and simple...simple and plain... "HE" chose not to... There are real challenges that he could have taken, they might not have brought the money and whether he lost or not he would have been showered the accolades... Fighting Martinez for even if he lost he would have come out on top... And it would have forced PBF to fight Martinez or everyone would have called him a coward because the little man did and he didn't try... But if he would have won!!! OMG... He would have become friggin immortal.

If I were fortunate enough to advise him, Id tell him to hold a news conference, drop the court case, call out martinez agree to test and say screw you PBF... Because I think PBF will only fight once per year not because he's scared but because he doesn't want to pay to much in taxes... And plus, PBf has mega fight options for the next two years - Khan @ 147 in the UK in 2012 (I've been watching them line this fight up for some time now) and Saul Alvarez in 2013 @ 154. Just a hunch and both of those fights would allow PBF to get a 50 million dollar paycheck.
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