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some recipes here look just..... aweful
I'm french, so I'm crazy about food. I know many people don't like frenchies, so I'll keep it down... but I'll try to help if I can. My father is a cook, in my family women don't cook.
Recipes must be in accordance with what you want. If you need to lose weight, it's different from wanting to gain weight. to me, "healthy "recipe doesn't mean anything.
If you want healthy, just buy organic products.
If you want to gain weight some recipes are good for you, but if you're trying to lose some, don't look at them...

I can give you one healthy recipe, with fish because I know some people have asked fish recipes.
take "almost" any kind of fish, not salmon, not tuna... no red fish. let's say it's for 2 people.
first, take your pan, put olive oil in it. when it's hot, put 1 pepper cut in little pieces, and garlic also cut , in even smaller pieces. I'll explain how to do it if you need. Then put the fish in the pan (we're still talking about 2 people eating, so for me it would be 2 filets each). when is grilled on both sides, put coconut cream on it. this will be the sauce, so be generous (if you're on a diet and trying to lose weight, use less coconut cream. but don't be affraid, glucids make you fat more than lipids.) also, you must put some thyme at the same time. as much as you want. Salt, pepper....
and you're good.
If you have a low calories diet, eat green beans with it. if you dont have weight problems, eat rice with it. And plantain banana , and a good fruit juice... thats the south american way. you can also add a bit of soja sauce while you're cooking your fish.
first recipe, I have many others, but this one is tasty, I guarantee.
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