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It wont hurt his legacy at all , not in the least , real boxing people that follow the sport look deeper than face value of things ,, with the Floyd vs JMM fight it was done for 2 reasons , the first was to blow of the rust from a 2yr lay off , the second reason was about marketing and business for a future fight .

seeing that JMM had taken Pac to the wire twice , Floyd by totally outclassing JMM is giving Pac a backhander at the same time , it was marketing and publicity for a future Pac fight .

As far as the weight goes JMM could not beat Floyd at any weight from 130 up , and weight with Floyd is not a big advantage for a slick mover like it is for a strong puncher , look at the fight , Floyd schooled JMM like he had no weight advantage just pure technical boxing because Floyd is not a physical fighter , he will box the same fight if he were fighting a FW or a HW ,,,,

I think the lay off added a little bulk to Floyd he didnt realize he had until trying to make the weight , it can sneak up on you as you get older , fighters dont practice making weight they get one shot at it and I think Floyd got caught by that , , I read where he said he was 146 first thing on the day of weigh-in and that the last couple of pounds wouldnt come off , I think he was genuine in that , I also think he could have made it if he really badly had of wanted to , but said fuk it just pay the forfeit .

With Pac and this weight , now you have a power puncher that is getting a boost to his strength and power , while at the same time taking speed away from JMM , now instead of like the last 2 fair fights with these two , JMM doesnt have the speed to counter like before , so it effectively kills his A game , while Mannys A game is enhanced ..

Pac will be way to strong and Physical at 144 , at 140 and below JMM will be very competitive , he will get steamrolled at this weight .

Weight in boxing is an artform that can win and lose fights , its not a set scale of rules engraved in stone because its dynamic , basically up in weight is strength , down in weight is speed , everybody has their own sweet spot within the book ends , where in the scale depends on style , a puncher needs to be strong a boxer needs to be fast , if you can force an opponent to be what he is not you can effectively take away his A game , you can reduce what he brings anywhere from B+ to D- just with weight , these guys are F1 Athletes to think weight doesnt matter is ignorance to the art of boxing .

I think Freddie Roach has a great understanding of weight , he is playing the weight game perfectly with Pac , he knows with the elite fighters there is really not a great deal between them , its only milliseconds and if he can take an opponent over that opponents personal edge even by just a smidge all the while Freddie is right where he wants to be , its a great tactical advantage before the fight even starts and a good physical one in the ring .
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