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Corrie Sanders could bang? Since when? Because he knocked out glass chin Wlad? That is the only time he showed any real power in his career. Tommy Morrison doesnt have a chin? Why because Lennox Lewis stopped him? Because Mercer stopped him? Or because he got caught looking past Michael Bent? Wait wait I know because he got knocked down by Ross Purrity and got up and Wlad who actually does have a glass chin gotk knocked out by Purrity.

Morrison's chin was better than Joe Louis, No 170 pound boxer could rock him like Billy Conn did Louis. Corrie Sanders power is built up to make Wlad's chin and overall ability seem higher by saying he was knocked out by a good fighter.

In reality Morrison was far superior to Sanders in everyway. Does that mean Morrison couldnt be stopped by Sanders? Nope any person can be stopped by 9 out of 10 times Morrison would stop Sanders
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