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Originally Posted by abdul-jakul View Post
I expect this is just a blup.. After this tune-up fight, PBF will not face Pacman. .
@in august 2009 floyd said on sky sports news.....if pacquaio wants it, we can pay marquez 1million to step aside, im ready, all it takes is pacquaio to step up to yhe plate.....did arum respond? pacquaio?roach? anyone from team pac? ABSOLUTELY NOT. AGAIN FLOYD OFFERED THE MARCH 13TH DATE ARUM SPOKE OF FOR PACQUAIOS RETURN....ROACH SAID...WE COULDNT MAKE THAT DATE, CUZ I,D NEED A 6 MONTH CAMP FOR MANNY TO FIGHT FLOYD, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, WHOS DUCKING WHO.
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