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Originally Posted by DWiens421 View Post
That works for all of those except for Casamayor. He was right there in weight when that was going on. I don't know all the details of that fight not coming together, but I am pretty sure it had to do with money (aka the death of the sport).

Other than that, Margarito, Cotto and Pacquiao are the three names that I can really point to and say, "man, he really should have fought them at that time", meaning Margarito before the Williams loss, Cotto before the Margarito loss and Pacquiao... well, now.

I used to think this Margarito $8 million offer and Floyd ducking him wasn't an actualy duck because he was making the same amount to fight for the lineal championship against Baldomir of the division (even if Tata isn't that good, it is hard to fault a guy for going after the guy who beat the lineal title, especially when that line of champions runs from Baldomir to Judah to Spinks to Mayorga to Forrest to Mosley after his win over P4P #1 Oscar De La Hoya which vaulted him to P4P #1 himself)... however, someone showed me an ESPN article from back then that showed that the $8 million offer was on the table before the Sharmba Mitchell fight. I have no problem with Mayweather taking the Mitchell fight as a tune-up, to test the waters of 147, get his body used to the weight, etc., but there really is no excuse to fight Zab Judah, coming off a loss for less money.

Call me crazy, but I think Mayweather would have had an easier time with Margarito than Judah... Margarito just doesn't have the speed to land a lot on Floyd, and Floyd's elusiveness and quickness would keep him from getting caught on the ropes, meaning that even if he loses a round here and there on the rare occasion that he does find himself pinned on the ropes and Margarito scores some points, I don't see it happening enough rounds to give Margarito the decision, and I don't see Floyd wearing down the way Cotto did.
True!!! would have been very one sided more 1 sided then the the floyd vs gotti fight.
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