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Originally Posted by ASS View Post
Let's face it, if I call a black man a "nigger" or a "coon." People will immediately jump on me and call me racist (and right so,)
But how about when a black man calls a white person a "cracker" it's not look on as racism?

This isn't a hate thread, I genuinely want to hear peoples opinions on this.

I understand some black people are still going by the whole slavery situation and may think their racists views are justified but blacks who are racists are just as ignorant as any other racists.

Take for example BET, thats some of the most racist shit you'll ever see towards whites and it's looked opinion as being funny?
You can bet your ass if there was WET (White Entertainment TV) it would be considered racist.

I just watched some clips from awhile back on BET and I must say I was fucking sickened by it and how it was accepted,
The Host made 'white jokes', several presenters/recipients (including Alicia Keys) gushed about how beautiful and great Black people are, even saying 'everyone wants to be like us (black)', and several times they told the audience to vote for Obama (presumably just because he is 'black', not for any policy issue).
To find out if this is racist, exchange the word 'black' for 'white' and imagine it coming from white entertainers. Can you imagine Billy Crystal hosting the 'white entertainment awards' making black jokes and Celine Dion gushing about how white people were so beautiful and great & how everyone wants to be white?

Everyone give blacks a free pass on this issue because their ancestors were treated horribly in the past. But its 2011. How can we treat each other as equals when the rules are different for some?
u have completely missed the point my friend, u believe that new nazi propaganda that whites get treated poorly these days which is just absurd.

1. racial slurs

this has nothing to do with black ppl, its white ppl. if a black man calls a mexican the s-word or an asian man the c-word he wouldnt get away with it. nor would they get away with using the n-word, which is the most sensitive one bcuz of its long history of abuse. its just white ppl who have to deal with being called cracker and stuff and i dont see how anyone can seriously sit there and bitch about it.

look at all the ppl of colour murdered by white ppl for no reason other than race, but it doesnt end there.

idk why some white ppl pretend all thats in the past. so white ppl are not using up all the worlds resources at the expense of everyone else? they are not putting ppl of colour in slave labor, child labor and brothels while they make all the money? a child starves to death every couple of seconds, how many of them are white? meanwhile in what parts of the world is food thrown away and wasted?

and u can say 'ohh but there are ppl of colour in the west too' and u are right, but how do we get treated? we still dont get any damn equality. we still dont get the same chances when it comes to education, jobs and apartments. and we still get the racial abuse too, i grew up with ppl drawing swastikas on my locker and i wasnt alone. my mom is from sweden, there they have a cookies that would translate into "niggerballs". ppl say nigger all the time and the vast majority of ppl think whites are better than not just blacks but all coloured ppl. if u seriously believe white ppl arent still opressing everyone else u are delusional.

2. BET

that u even bring this up shows how lost u are on the subject. BET is poisoning black youth! do u think its a a coincidence that the one network thats supposed to be for black ppl only appeals to the most ignorant black men and women? BET is sending the wrong message to the youth, creating men and women unfit for society that keep reflecting negatively on our ppl and keeping us from ever reaching true equality. they might say bad things about whites but they are doing bad things to blacks which is far worse.

i dont use any racial slurs or make a big thing out of race. my mom is white, my dad is black mixed with hispanic. i dont hold it against all white ppl that we are still opressed and taken advantage of (and by we i mean all ppl of colour, blacks, asians and hispanics alike). but thats the way it is and some of u ppl out there need educate yourself on that and whats really going on in the world. to say white ppl arent still systematicly treating coloured ppl horribly for racist reasons all over the world is ignorant.
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