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Default The Downfall of the US empire is imminent...

Maybe in a few decades it certainly will if not in less than a hundred years.

The tell-tale signs are there and its quite a surprise that Americans forgot their roots and the teachings of their forefathers and what made their country strong in the first place.

Its pretty obvious Americans... At least most of them... ARE DEFINITELY NOT STUDENTS OF HISTORY.

1, Policy of non-intervention - The US was largely saved from the 2 world wars following a policy of non-intervention. In short... HEY U AZZHOLE UR BUSINESS IS UR BUSINESS. Only when events were forced upon them did the US interfere in other countries affairs.

In the 2 world wars Europe exhausted themselves of manpower and resources while the US stood and prepared intervening only at the last possible oppurtunity. The result is pretty self-evident. With your country emerging into a superpower.

Remember your forefathers taught you not to poke ur finger into somebody else azzhole.

Now it seems every buggerhole in the world needs to be poked by American fingers. Figuratively speaking.

a. The Vietnamese taught you a bitter lesson in non-intervention and kicked your country's behind AGAINST ALL ODDS.

This defeat should have made you realize to leave other countries' affairs alone and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Instead your country went into war numerous more times.


2. Your country spends too much of its resources on areas which are USELESS.

a. Military - Common sense dictates you can downsize ur spending in this area by pulling out all your bases overseas and strengthening your borders. I guess not

b. CIA - Let's be real. This agency is nothing but a DEN OF ASSASSINS, WARMONGERS, RUMOR-MONGERS and SCALAWAGS of every nature.

By this time we all know CIA is probably the single most glaring reason why your country is hated by many especially in the Muslim world where you ROYALLY LIKE TO POKE YOUR NOSES INTO THEIR BEHINDS.

3. China, India will overtake you soon following a policy YOUR FOREFATHERS TAUGHT YOU.

a. Minding yout own business
b. Strategic spending

We all know the wheels are irreversible on this one. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN SUSTAIN THIS KIND OF MODEL IS TO CONTINUALLY GO TO WAR.

Which btw... you lost more than you won.

Your country had a good run but your people forgot your roots and the wisdom of your forefathers.
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