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Floyd vs Nonito?

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  • Floyd vs Nonito?

    What if these two guys fought each other mythologically at a catchweight of 128lbs. Floyd was still the pretty boy at the 130 division, was hungry and had good offense and power. Meanwhile Nonito was just trying to be great moving up to here to chase greatness. That would be his career 1.0. now he is the 2.0 back down at the lighter weights knowing that he can't compete at feather. Who wins this all American showdown? Neo? Or pbfm? This would be Floyd's second (or first at the time) Filipino to fight against . This is no different than cottos team throwing Henry Brussels in there to take the lesson first from the wizard before Cotto did. And he did a heck of a job at it btw (Miguel I mean ).

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    128? lol

    Nonito WKO

    @147 Floyd by Murder.


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      Ployd wins and pinoy boys get suicidal


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        lol I thought you were going to ask NOW, youre talking prime floyd dropping 2 pounds, he is too big too fast and has too much reach for donaire. Floyd had a 72 in reach there are guys fighting at LHW with the same reach. Yeah i think floyd was a smarter more experienced fighter later in his career but at 130 he had good power and he was still a very smart fighter.


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          Floyd for sure!!


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            You would probably have to drain Floyd down to bantamweight to make this fight competitive.


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              Ployd in Tagalog wins
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