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    I loved my time in the Philippines

    1 year of just ****ing and eating good food (pood). Cops selling me shabu and drinking coconut milk

    my time in Cebu was very enjoyable

    filipina chicks kinda protected me and controlled my money

    pinoy food is very good


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      They drain my nads and bank account

      they always have froblrm


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        Filipina wimmin are educated and control putos with tight poon

        they motivate soft azz pink to get money

        mo dickers


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          Naked and yelling at me in tagalog dem they fix me breakfast with six san Miguel drink and I pay bad fines good chicks in Makati go whoring and pinky dudes make good one off custom guns


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            Originally posted by Zaroku View Post

            Go there, Makati, stay at the shangri la hotel.. if you are looking to marry go to the Manila Polo Club..

            Me… I just wanna shoot loads on average looking filipina eat at the Filling Station on P. Burgos smoke a lil at jolly bee, and watch my filipina companions order food…

            I used to be kinda known…

            the front desk would call and say
            ”Mr. Paul, there are three wimmin here and said you want them to join you??”

            Good ****ing times…. We’d go to Cebu or other places and just ****

            I had this one chick who wanted me to **** her to get paid and eventually I asked her to jump on my back chiropractor type stuff.. she stayed nearly a year and brought her kids too..

            I never laid pipe.. she was too valuable for chiropractic skills.

            I know the Philippines real good!
            My chole. Half pinay half Mexican American Jew..

            I worry I don’t think any man is worthy

            she’s engaged to a Jewish banker

            naturally I wanna kill him.
            i ama Jew and hate Jews
            I got to say, you ping my spirit with your talk. Not calling you a liar, an embellisher or truther, just that your talk resonates with degrees of what I percieve to be true. I appreciate your stuff.
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              Originally posted by Zaroku View Post
              Filipinas are hot and do nasty kanas Ya with me and other Filipinas.
              I was kinda depressed after my project with globe telecom was over.

              This one chick ricki knew how bounce on my nads.

              P Burgos for life!

              Bottoms a great club.

              Manila ... - Yelp
              Photos Map 5012 P. Burgos Street. Makati, Metro Manila. Philippines. Makati City. Directions 02-8972053. Call Now More Info. Menu for Bottoms Bar Known For.​
              And a telecom guy to boot. Right in my arena, brother.


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                Originally posted by Ghost Jab View Post
                Zaroku is a very confident man for many reasons. Firstly, he is very intelligent and knows a lot about the world and how it works. Secondly, he is very suave and has good taste in women. He knows that the stereotypical “pretty woman” is quite shallow, but like Captain Jean Luc Picard, he prefers the rare form of female beauty and allure that extends to all facets and layers of a woman’s being. He knows that a marriage to an interesting woman who is not only satisfying in the bedroom, but willing to converse about the workings of our universe and the deep mysteries of religion and philosophy, is better than most anything this world has to offer. Finally, he is very charming and has a lot of charisma. He is at home and in complete control whether he is at a cheap restaurant in Manila, or sailing the high seas, or walking the deepest slums of Tokyo after midnight, or taking in Mozart’s bittersweet aria “Dove Sono” at the finest, most expensive box in Sydney’s storied opera house. He is the true definition of a Gray Man, that elusive and, some say, unattainable pinnacle of masculinity that can fit in anyplace, anytime, and not look out of place, or out of time. All of these factors make him a very confident man, and I can say that we all aspire to be at least half the man that he is and to experience at least one tenth of the adventures he’s undertaken in his rich and storied lifetime before we come to the end of our days, close our eyes, and meet our Maker.
                THAT was magnificent. Very, very well done. This is a fine thread.


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                  I feel like a king in the Philippines