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Promoter: Jose Canseco made over $1 million in 10-second knockout loss

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  • Promoter: Jose Canseco made over $1 million in 10-second knockout loss

    Jose Canseco cleared seven figures for his 10 seconds of work on Friday night, according to Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy,.

    Canseco headlined Barstool's Rough N' Rowdy 13 boxing event against intern Billy Football and it was stopped in a matter of seconds after Football seemed to clip the former Major Leaguer.

    Many fans screamed that the fight was fixed and demanded refunds, especially after Portnoy sided with claims that Canseco "took a dive." Barstool Sportsbook even negated any wagers put on Canseco while also paying off the winning bets placed on Football.

    On Saturday, Portnoy dove in a little deeper on the pay structure Barstool and Canseco agreed upon ahead of Friday's event.

    After their previous buy rate numbers were allegedly "shattered" according to Portnoy, Canseco will have cleared "over $1 million" for his disappointing appearance.

    Canseco has had issues with boxing promoters in the past during his forgettable celebrity boxing run, and has also had a brief foray in the mixed martial arts world when he was stopped in the first round at Dream 9 against the 7-foot-2 Hong Man Choi.

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    Why is this in the mma section? It was clearly a boxing match and boxing card PPV.


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      Sounds like he structured the deal right. Jose was getting 50k or 100k to fight & double if he won & the PPV bump angle means barstool made $$$ so they can pay Jose more. And obviously Jose is the reason it sold so many PPV's. And it's not like Jose being a sketchy mofo wasn't known. This guy has had a sketchy rep since the 80s.