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    Originally posted by i_am_a_champ View Post
    Connor got proper twelved


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      Damn, was gonna live bet Dustin after round 2.

      Props to him. Had a shakey round 1.

      Hooker let me down.


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        Conor is done... I really don't care to see him fight again.


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          These hoes dont want it with Chandler that goes for hill billy poirier or the muslim rat habibi


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            when you get knocked out by the guy you knocked out... the sport has passed you.

            Poirier got better and Conor did not.


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              Terrible performance from Conor. Was disappointing, he looked gassed after first bell.

              I don’t think he has the hunger anymore.


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                From 170 pounds to 155, silly moves.

                It was the weight that did him, who on earth? Goes from 170 to 155.

                This mixed Martial arts, in some ways are even more backwards than Boxers 'When it comes to weight draining'.

                Mcgregor has never really reacted to punches, like he did last night.


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                  Originally posted by i_am_a_champ View Post
                  Too much pressure. He was gassed in round 2
                  He's had more pressure on him than last night. I don't think that played into anything.

                  He's never had a good gas tank & always been a front runner. If he don't KO you in the first round your chances go up drastically.

                  I was so close to betting on Dustin at the last minute but chickened out


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                    I had Dustin by ko round 3 ��*♀️ Was still fun to see Conor get smoked


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                      He took that first round and was catching Poirier. The damage was done to his front leg from those kicks though and that was always going to be the beginning of the end. You could see how messed up it was in that final exchange.

                      I always felt Poirier had a real chance, he's a top quality fighter on a good run. He's active and facing good competition, while McGregor is popping in and out of the sport. It's a big ask to do that.

                      Good win for Chandler too on his UFC debut.