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Khabib: 'donít push me to do things that will disappoint my motherí

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    Khabibs becoming quite the attention seeker, I am getting bored of hearing about how he's a man of his word and wants to remain retired because of his mum, he thinks he's out of some bloody movie or something, I honestly cringe at him. And it doesn't help matters when he's the worlds most boring man that's defended his belt what, like twice? No great loss in my opinion I don't see what the fuss is all about.

    I laughed hard when he won sports personality of the year was such a sympathy award.
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      Dana is pushing Khabib to come back, obviously to make the UFC more money.

      But in the past you have to give White credit for telling guys like Liddell and Franklin he was forcing them to retire because they were shot, even though they still were drawing money for the UFC.