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Askren accepts Jake Paul’s callout: ‘I will humble you like millions of people want'

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  • Askren accepts Jake Paul’s callout: ‘I will humble you like millions of people want'

    Of all the many odd things 2020 has given the world of combat sports, the rise of the Paul brothers from YouTube sensations to combat sports mainstays is perhaps the most unexpected. Prior to this year, both brothers dabbled in celebrity boxing matches now they have seemingly decided to go all in on boxing, with Logan set to box Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match and now, Jake Paul potentially facing former Bellator and ONE Championship champion Ben Askren early next year.

    In November, Jake Paul knocked out Nate Robinson in the co-main event of the highly anticipated Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition match. Following his victory, the younger Paul brother called out a number of MMA fighters, saying he wanted to bring MMA fighters into the boxing arena to test himself against. Among the fighters Paul called out were Ben Askren, Dillon Danis, and Conor McGregor, and now Askren has seemingly accepted his terms.

    Posting a video to his social media, Askren accepted a boxing with Paul for March of 2021, saying he is going "to humble" the outspoken YouTuber.

    "Yes, Mr. Jake Paul, I do accept," Askren said. "I know you called me out after your last fight against that bum Nate Robinson, and listen, it's a pretty simple choice. I'm going to make a whole bunch of money to beat up a guy who is pretending to be an athlete. Because at the end of the day, that's what you're doing. And I know you may think I don't have too many standup skills, but also at the end of the day, I don't really need to.

    "I'm a world-class athlete. I've won NCAA titles. I've been in the Olympics. I've won belts in multiple mixed martial arts organizations, and quite frankly, I am impressed that you've deluded yourself into thinking you are actually a fighter! That you are really tough, that you can really box. It's quite impressive that beating up another YouTuber and beating up a boxer who looked like he had never been in the ring before makes you somehow good at boxing, because it doesn't. So yes, Jake, I accept. I will see you March 28 in Los Angeles, and I will humble you like millions of people want to see happen."

    Following a three-fight run in the UFC, Ben Askren retired from MMA in 2019, citing the need for a hip replacement and a lack of desire to compete in the sport if he couldn't be the best. But after having surgery on his ailing hip, Askren became open to the possibility of a return to competition, not on a full-time basis, but for one-off fights, if the money was right. And it seems that the prospect of boxing a novice boxer for a tremendous amount of money fits that target nicely.

    Though the bout is not official yet, it appears that Paul and Askren are planning to face each other on March 28th, put on by Triller, the company that promoted Paul's last bout against Nate Robinson.

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    Should humble him like Iron Sheik says he would to Brian Blair and others.


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      These Paul guys are morons, but they are making money.

      They just need to be aware of who they are dealing with. Some of these MMA guys have old school mentality, and there are lines you don't cross even when hyping a fight. Khabibi reinforced this when he fought McGregor.

      Joe Rogan mentioned it too.....

      Joe Rogan warns Jake Paul that Dillon Danis is 'top of the food chain' after the influencer hurled water balloons at him in a bid to get Conor McGregor's attention


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        Originally posted by Anthony342 View Post
        Should humble him like Iron Sheik says he would to Brian Blair and others.

        I never knew why Iron Sheik hated the Killer Bees so much.

        Funny thing is Askren is actually a bigger assh0le than Jake Paul is.

        I would root for Askren cause he's a real fighter, but I wouldn't mind seeing him get knocked out again. Never forget that Masvidal KO. He almost kneed Askren's afro right off his head.


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          As to the fight, Paul put himself behind the 8 Ball as it's his sport they are fighting in, so he has to win or look stupid.

          I put little stock in Paul's boxing matches, as neither opponent was a legit boxer. Of course Askren has never boxed professionally at all. Askren has fought legit fighters, albeit in MMA. Paul hasn't done that.

          I'm sure both have sparred and trained with top name/level boxers and boxing coaches.

          Unless there is a huge skill disparity which I don't see so far, I say cardio might be the deciding factor, and that has to be on Askren's side with his experience.


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            Ben probably thinking nothing could be worse than his Street Jesus 7 second KO loss I guess. I can't even think of a solid boxing performance by Ben that makes me think this is a easy night for him. He's a fooking wrestler. He can't lay & pray vs this novelty boxer.


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              I actually give Paul the edge in this.


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                Originally posted by OctoberRed View Post
                I actually give Paul the edge in this.
                Given this:

                "But after having surgery on his ailing hip... "

                You SHOULD favor Jake.

                If the bookies go wide for Askren, I'm dropping stacks on Jake Paul.