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Idk much about mma at all. Can the Dustin guy beat Conor?

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  • Idk much about mma at all. Can the Dustin guy beat Conor?

    Can Conor lose to this Dustin guy? The last guy Conor fought was awful. Like really bad. Is this guy different? Is this an actual competitive fight? Can this Dustin guy actually pull the upset? Who wins Conor vs Dustin?

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    They fought once already in 2014. Conor stopped him in the first round.

    That said by most accounts Conor has fallen off & Dustin has raised his game from 6yrs ago.

    I'd still strongly lean Conor's way, but I'd take the over on it ending as quickly as their first fight.


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      I'm pretty sure Dustin will win this time


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        Dustin is probably the favorite here. Conor has been too inactive, and Dustin has raised his game a lot over the last several years.


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          I see it more as a 50-50 this time around


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            Conor absolutely demolished him back in 2014, a win that aged very well. But Dustin has improved a lot since then (hes a top 10 p4p level talent now) while Conors activity level has been so poor that its hard to gauge exactly how good he is these days. So its an interesting fight for sure.