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Dekkers Buckaw prime for prime

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  • Dekkers Buckaw prime for prime

    Watching Buckaw dominating in K1 man against all the Dutch K1 bpxers think hes's the goat of Muay Thai .Dekkers though an 8 time Muay Thai world champion did the same in Thailand .Who yous got prime for prime .2 greats .

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    it's buakaw! imo, he's not really a traditional muay thai style of fighting... he incorporate a lot of boxing into it.. his fighting stance is not your typical muay thai stance..


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      Buakaw is on the juice. Dekkers was not.

      Buakaw benefits from a different level of training, too.

      Dekkers was pretty insane. A lot of his losses were because the judges didn't like the way he kicked his opponents asses. I dunno how he'd handle Buakaw if teleported to today. But if he were teleported to today and given chance to acclimate to the environment, I would expect him to make the adjustments necessary to beat Buakaw. A lot of today's fighters are far more "civilized" than the monster he was. It's basically modified Boxing in there now.