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Jon Jones: UFC not willing to pay more for superfight with Francis Ngannou

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  • Jon Jones: UFC not willing to pay more for superfight with Francis Ngannou

    It appears Jon Jones' long awaited move to heavyweight will have to wait even longer.

    Following several days of back and forth messages between Jones and Francis Ngannou, the light heavyweight champion sent out a message on Thursday that negotiations with the UFC came to an abrupt end when the promotion was unwilling to increase their financial offer to make the fantasy matchup become a reality.

    Inside of one hour, Jones first said he was discussing a fight with the UFC and then revealed the conversation was already over.

    "Before even discussing numbers, the UFC was unwilling to pay more for the Francis super fight/for me to move to heavyweight," Jones wrote. "Said I could possibly earn more in pay-per-view buys."

    Jones seemed legitimately intrigued by the challenge of facing Ngannou in his first heavyweight fight after the Cameroon-born knockout artist finished his previous four opponents inside the first round; most recently, Ngannou flattened previously undefeated heavyweight contender Jairzinho Rozenstruik in just 20 seconds at UFC 249.

    While he appeared ready to book the fight, Jones said he didn't like what he was hearing in terms of an offer from the UFC.

    "It's been fun you guys, maybe I'll see you all in a year or two," Jones wrote. "Maybe when they're ready to do better business I'll come back, until then health fitness and family.

    "I should've worded that differently, I actually think these guys do great business. Right now things just aren't where I want them to be."

    Considering the UFC is still booking out their schedule for the summer with any number of cards requiring a big main event, it's entirely possible that Jones and Ngannou could still end up receiving a different offer from the promotion.

    That said, Jones seems content returning to defend his 205-pound title after defeating Dominick Reyes earlier this year.

    "Red panty night for the light heavyweight division," Jones wrote.

    If Jones really does plan on returning to the light heavyweight division, he has a couple of potential matchups waiting. Jones was headed toward a rematch with Reyes after they engaged in a hard fought battle in February, but Polish contender Jan Blachowicz also got in the running after he decimated Corey Anderson notch his third consecutive win.

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    Dana doesn't want the fight, why would he? Francis is the most marketable HW by far and Jones beating him costs the UFC a lot of money. A fully motivated Jones acclimating to HW is not getting beaten and the UFC knows this. If Ngannou beats Jones, it negatively affects Jones' marketability and while Ngannou would get more clout, he could easily get that clout by just beating Stipe or Cormier.

    Jones and Ngannou are like a two-headed dragon in the LHW and HW divisions repectfully, no need to sacrifice either of them to each other. Having said that I'm not too sure Ngannou beats Cormier or Stipe in the rematch, tough fights either way.


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      I agree with the above. Great fight for the fans, terrible fight for business.

      So many things that would go wrong and it's not even a worthy risk, I really don't think this fight would sell all that much. For one Jon Jones is the UFC's greatest legend who is still on top. Possibly getting wrecked by Ngannou would ruin his appeal and possibly his fighting ability as a comatose KO-loss would ruin Jones as a fighter.

      Ngannou is at his peak and their greatest asset @ HW but he's at an age where another humiliating defeat could be something that he would probably not recover from.

      I do think that a win for either would be a big boost for the winner but again not worth it.


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        Fighter pay is a very serious problem in the ufc and mma. I think this will cause huge problems in the sport in the near future.


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          Jones should be t heavyweight anyways


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            if jones loses that fight he will no bring as much money as he did, so dana will not risk