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Well, Gaethe sure derailed Fergusonís career, and itís great.

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    I love how all these people "knew all along". Isn't it amazing how they always knew all along that these dominant fighters on very long winning streaks are overrated because they finally start losing mostly due to age/burnout and they finally get it right but they actually knew wayyy before?

    Originally posted by -Antonio- View Post
    Lee, Pettis, and Cerrone are like 3-8 since they fought him.
    And that couldn't possibly be attributed as a credit to Ferguson of course.

    Originally posted by Dayo View Post
    Ferguson is such a limited fighter. Never understood the hype.
    Limited, you know what that word means? You're talking about a guy who can strike with all limbs effectively and does crazy spinning moves on the fly which actually work, a guy who is just as much of a threat on the ground as he is standing, who could go 5 rounds at a very high pace and finish you anywhere early or late in the fight.

    That's your definition of limited. True fight scholars in here.


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      I was shocked how many punches did tony absorbed with his head.