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  • New Game..Virtual Betting

    Some of you may have noticed the vCash on the right side of your user info. We just installed a new virtual betting game for the forums. We'll start with UFC 49's main event to get things started. Your winnings will be for bragging rights but in the future we'll start having different things you can buy with your vCash. Everyone starts out with 500. Betting is self explanatory and is open to all members.

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    Phattest thing at in awhile. Awesome work.


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      Thanks for the feedback. It's nice to get some comments. Glad you like it


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        OK we've added a store so you can spend your vCash
        We'll add more stuff later.
        Please report any bugs you may find


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          I had to remove the original bets in order to install the uShop and give everyone points (long story) Anyway everyone starts out with 25 points. We'll be adding more sports events so it won't take long to add up. Anyone wanting to purchace more points can use the Pay Pal donations on the main page. A $5 donation will get you 100 points. PM one of the admins so they can verify your donation and add your points. Money goes to paying server bills.


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            Good stuff, excellent idea.