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TKO Signs 21 fighters

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  • TKO Signs 21 fighters

    (MONTREAL, CANADA) - TKO Communications continued with its wave of major announcements today with the signature of 21 of its most important athletes to multi-fight promotional agreements. "It's a great day for TKO and for everyone involved with the organization. We are very proud of the athletes that we signed today and we'll continue to work very closely with them so they can follow in the footsteps of UFC/TKO fighters Georges St-Pierre, David Loiseau and Patrick Cote". TKO President Stephane Patry did also put the emphasis on TKO's main mission when making the announcements "Our mission is very clear, we want to give the MMA fans the BEST show but the main priority is to give the Canadian fighters a place in Mixed Martial Art history. We opened the door very wide for these athletes with these deals today; it's now up to them to go through that door with their performances in the ring. We went to the plate by offering them lucrative contracts that will help them continue their rise in the MMA world."

    Currently managing the careers of UFC/TKO fighters GEORGES ST-PIERRE, DAVID LOISEAU and PATRICK COTE, Stephane Patry was very happy with the recent turnout for his organization "2003 was a very tough year and I'm very happy with what's coming up for us and for the sport of MMA in Canada, as I often said in the last few weeks there are some more major announcement that we will make in the days and weeks to come and I've never been more confident about the future of this sport..."

    Fighters that signed these new TKO agreements include TKO WW Champion Georges St. Pierre, TKO MW Champion David Loiseau, TKO LHW Champion Patrick Cote, TKO SLW Champion Mark Hominick, TKO LW Champion Donald Ouimet, Steve Claveau, Jacob Conlife, Ryan Diaz, Stephane Dube, Steve Duquette, Kultar Gill, David Goulet, Jonathan Goulet, Todd Gpuwenberg, Icho Larenas, Rob Macdonald, Thierry Quenneville, Sam Stout, Martin Tremblay, Stephane Vigneault and Steve Vigneault. TKO is currently negotiating with some other athletes and more news should be announced shortly.

    Behind these great athletes there's always a manager and a trainer working in the shadow, and Patry had nothing but great words to say about some of the trainers/managers he has the chance to work with on a daily basis "When I think about Angelo Exarhakos, I see someone that was there with me since day 1, I have nothing but respect for this great man - he doesn't get all the credits he deserves, my hard work would've been useless without his incredible participation. Shawn Tompkins is another man I respect so much, we went through wars together - and we always supported each other, I believe Shawn is probably one of the best corner men in the sport of MMA right now. And with Lance Gibson you get nothing but professionalism, he is by far the easiest person I ever had to deal with in this sport, he's a true gentleman so are his athletes; they are also some of the most lethal fighters in Canadian MMA" Most of the fighters signed by TKO Communications today are trained by either Angelo Exarhakos, Shawn Tompkins or Lance Gibson, they were ecstatic about these new deals offered to their athletes. Angelo Exarhakos for one sees this as the best opportunity for fighters he's seen in the sport of MMA "I'm so pleased that most of my fighters have signed long-term fight and management agreements with TKO. I have worked very closely with Stephane since day 1 and results speak louder than words. Three of my fighters in the UFC, television exposure on TSN - RDS and Pay per view, prize money that's worth fighting for and shows with great attendance. Those who were around him during the early days know how far the sport has come under Stephane's leadership. These agreements guarantee fighters security so that they can single mindedly pursue their goal of becoming the best MMA fighter they can be. It is a win-win deal for all parties involved and I'm sure that we will see other organizations follow TKO's lead. I am proud to be closely associated with TKO Communications and Stephane Patry and I look forward to many more years of success and growth for both MMA and TKO, in the end it's the fighters who benefit the most."

    UFC veteran and elite manager/trainer Lance Gibson was also thrilled with the agreements signed by three of his athletes "I feel really good about these multi-fight agreements we just signed with TKO. It will enable Team Gibson to stay busy and also achieve the recognition as one of the top fight teams in MMA. TKO has built many stars throughout the years and has extended a lucrative offer to my fighters; we are looking forward to what the future will bring for TKO, the sport of MMA and Team Gibson".

    Team Tompkins leader Shawn Tompkins had nothing but great things to say about the announcements "My guys are all very excited to continue to be part of such a great organization. What this means to them is for once an organization is giving back to the fighters a commitment. This will allow the fighters to continue to train specifically for upcoming events as well as know in advance the financial position that they will be placed. The multi-fight agreement gives them a chance to grow to the level that they deserve without the stress of uncertain finances and fight dates. As manager and trainer of Team Tompkins, I could not be happier about the offers placed by the TKO organization. For me, this is a chance to make a secure commitment of my fighters and give them the future that they deserve. I'm so excited about the future of TKO; it has done nothing but grow and become more and more elite over the past years of our involvement. I am not only proud to be part of it, but to be part of it for a very long time!"

    14 of the 21 athletes signed today by TKO Communications will be part of TKO 17: INFERNAL scheduled for September 25th 2004 in Victoriaville, Quebec. Tickets for this exceptional event are on sale right now through the TKO ticket office at 514-999-7531