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    WHERE: Ano Liossia Olympic Hall.

    WHEN: Aug. 22-29.

    MEDALS: Men's freestyle wrestlers compete at 121 pounds (55 kg), 132 pounds (60 kg), 145 1/2 pounds (66 kg), 163 pounds (74 kg), 185 pounds (84 kg), 211 1/2 pounds (96 kg) and 264 1/2 pounds (120 kg). Men's Greco-Roman wrestlers compete at 121 pounds (55 kg), 132 pounds (60 kg), 145 1/2 pounds (66 kg), 163 pounds (74 kg), 185 pounds (84 kg), 211 1/2 pounds (96 kg) and 264 1/2 pounds (120 kg). Women wrestlers compete at 105 1/2 pounds (48 kg), 121 pounds (55 kg), 138 1/2 pounds (63 kg) and 158 1/2 pounds (72 kg).

    OUTLOOK: Can Rulon Gardner do it again, without having to beat Russian super wrestler Alexander Karelin? Gardner has had a series of mishaps and calamities since pulling off his "miracle on the mat" upset of Karelin in Sydney, but now looks to be healthy and a gold medal contender again. Otherwise, U.S. freestyle and Greco-Roman teams don't look especially strong, but Americans could get a medal count boost from a talented four-member women's team. Armen Nazarien (132 pounds, 60 kg) of Bulgaria tries for a third gold and Russian star Bouvaisa Saitiev (163 pounds, 74 kg) looks to rebound from upset in Sydney to American gold medalist Brandon Slay; it was Saitiev's only loss in major international competition since 1995.

    WHERE: Peristeri Olympic Boxing Hall, Municipality of Peristeri.

    WHEN: Aug. 14-25, 27-29.

    MEDALS: Gold, silver and two bronzes in each of 11 weight classes.

    OUTLOOK: Cuba has dominated Olympic boxing in recent years, and will bring another strong team that includes defending 119-pound gold medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux and 132-pound gold medalist Mario Kindelan. Missing from the Sydney team that won four gold medals and two bronzes is three-time heavyweight gold medalist Felix Savon, who retired and is helping coach the team. Cuba is in danger, however, of losing the medal race to Russia, which won two gold, three silver and two bronze medals in Sydney, then topped Cuba in the 2003 world championships. The United States is sending nine boxers to Athens, trying to rebound from a disappointing 2000 Olympics where no American boxers won gold medals for the first time in 52 years. Middleweight Andre Dirrell is perhaps the most talented of the Americans, who lack vital international experience. Light heavyweight Andre Ward, a two-time U.S. champion, hasn't lost since 1998 and figures to be a medal contender

    WHERE: Ano Liossia Olympic Hall.

    WHEN: Aug. 14-20.

    MEDALS: Men's weight classes -- 60 kg, 66 kg, 73 kg, 81 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, 100kg-plus. Women's weight classes -- 48 kg, 52 kg, 57 kg, 63 kg, 70 kg, 78 kg, 78 kg-plus.

    OUTLOOK: Introduced as an Olympic sport in 1964; no country has dominated but the Japanese are always strong. This year will be no exception with six-time world champion Ryoko Tani returning to defend her gold medal in the 48 kg weight class.

    WHERE: Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex, Sports Pavilion.

    WHEN: Aug. 26-29.

    MEDALS: Men's weight classes -- 58 kg, 68 kg, 80 kg, 80 kg-plus. Women's weight classes -- 49 kg, 57 kg, 67 kg, 67 kg-plus.

    OUTLOOK: American Steven Lopez, who won gold in 68kg in Sydney, will try for another medal in the 80kg weight class. Greece's Michalis Mouroutsos will try to defend his 2000 gold medal in 58kg on his home turf.

    All Games Schedule

    On CNBC

    1 a.m. -- Rowing, men's and women's (live)

    3 a.m. -- Shooting, women's air rifle gold medal final

    4 a.m. - Softball, USA vs. Italy (live)

    6 a.m. - Rowing, men's and women's (live); women's basketball, USA vs. New Zealand (live)

    8 a.m. - Volleyball, women's, Brazil vs. Japan

    10 a.m. - Soccer, women's, USA vs. Brazil (live)

    Noon - Fencing, men's individual Sabre gold medal final; men's soccer, Argentina vs. Tunisia (live)

    2 p.m. - Weightlifting, women's flyweight gold medal final

    On NBC

    11 a.m. - Swimming

    Noon - Beach volleyball, Holly McPeak/Elaine Younds (USA) vs. Katherine Maaseida/Susanne Glesnes (Norway)

    1 p.m. - Diving, women's synchronized springboard gold medal final (live)

    1:30 p.m. - Gymnastics, men's

    2:30 p.m. - Volleyball, women's, USA vs. China

    4 p.m. - Swimming

    7 p.m. - Gymnastics, men's; swimming, gold medal finals for men's 400 individual medley, men's 400m freestyle, women's 400m individual medley, women's 4x100m freestyle relay; diving, men's synchronized platform gold medal final; cycling, men's road race; swimming semifinals in men's 100m breaststroke, women's 100m butterfly.

    11:30 p.m. - Beach volleyball, Dain Blanton/Jeff Nygaard (USA) vs. Julien Prosser/Mark Williams (Australia)

    On MSNBC

    4 p.m. - Boxing, preliminary matches

    11 p.m. - Sailing; judo, men's 60kg and women's 48 kg gold medal finals

    On Bravo

    4 p.m. - Badminton, women's field hockey, Australia vs. Germany

    6 p.m. - Table tennis


    On CNBC

    1-3 a.m. - Basketball, men's, China vs. Spain, Argentina vs. Serbia and Montenegro (live); beach volleyball; men's soccer, Italy vs. Japan (live); rowing (live), volleyball, men's, Netherlands vs. Russia (live); equestrian; water polo, men's, Serbia and Montenegro vs. Hungary; handball, women's, China vs. Hungary; weightlifting, women's 53kg final.

    On Bravo

    3 a.m.-noon - Tennis (live); softball, USA vs. Australia (live); badminton; table tennis

    11 p.m.-midnight - Tennis and sailing

    On USA

    7-10:30 a.m. - Bicycling, women's road race (live)

    On NBC

    11 a.m.-5 p.m. - Swimming; basketball, men's, USA vs. Puerto Rico (live); beach volleyball, USA men; rowing, men's and women's; water polo, men's, USA vs. Croatia

    6-11 p.m. - Gymnastics, women's; swimming finals for men's 100m breaststroke and 4x100m free relay, women's 100m fly and 400m free; beach volleyball, USA women

    11:35 p.m.-1 a.m. - Volleyball, men's, USA vs. Italy; weightlifting, men's 56kg final

    On MSNBC

    3-6 p.m. - Boxing

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    Summer games are great, Wrestling, Boxing, and Judo!


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      The cubans dominate olympic boxing because none of them ever turn pro. Its crazy.


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        I forgot about womens beach vollyball....


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          The opening was unreal...... Beautiful ceremony


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            Originally posted by Curly Howard
            The opening was unreal...... Beautiful ceremony
            No better words for it.

            I liked Greece.