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Josh Barnett signs with Pride!

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  • Josh Barnett signs with Pride!

    from :

    When Josh Barnett left the UFC, many people thought he would jump right into working for the rival company in Pride. Now years later the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, will try to win a Pride Heavyweight Championship in Japan.

    Zac Arnold broke the story that Josh Barnett has officially signed on the dotted line with DSE and the Pride Fighting Championships.

    "I'm just glad to get a fight..." Barnett told MMAWeekly's Ryan Bennett last night. "I was just sitting around waiting for a fight, so I'm glad to be fighting again."

    It's unknown who Barnett will be fighting, but it most likely will happen in October. Barnett wanted to be a part of the Heavyweight Grand Prix, but for whatever reason, it didn't happen.

    Josh says he is still under contract as a professional wrestler for New Japan, but is anxious about the opportunity to fight again. Hopefully the Minotauro Nogueira vs Josh Barnett fight that we wanted to see years ago, when both were champions for rival organizations, can know take place in the near future in Japan.

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    I'd like to see Fedor GnP Barnett to death, but I have a feeling he's a bad style match-up for Nog.


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      Barnett is extremely overrated in my opinion. A submission especialist who got submitted by Mark Kerr in Abu Dhabi.
      Yes, I think Nog could beat him, but it would be a close fight as opossed to Cro Cop or Fedor who could KO him with ease IMO.


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        I would be rooting for Nog all the way, I hate Barnett. Barnett got submitted by Kerr in Abu Dhabi? I didn't know that. It's just the he's big and would probably try to GnP Nog from the gaurd. Nog could do it, but I think Barnett would definately give him trouble and I wouldn't be surprised if big mouth Barnett he got the decision. I'd LOVE to see him subbed though.


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          Good move for Barnett. They pay well over there, and they don't test for Vitamin S.


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            Barnett is going to put a hurting on somebody


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              Unless Barnett realizes he can't split his time betwen puro & MMA, he's going to get hurt.


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                I just want to see the first high profile death in MMA with Barnett getting beaten to death by Fedor. I bet Rizzo would pwn him again too.


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                  Here is what Josh Barnett had to say about the rumors of him fighting in PRIDE.

                  "I have not yet received an official offer from PRIDE yet but my office
                  and DSE have talked in the past many times and something may be in the
                  works. PRIDE knows that I am willing to fight in their show and New Japan is
                  the head decision maker for my career. will be the first to
                  report the facts on news on my upcoming participation in PRIDE."