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IFC in Sturgis may be cancelled

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  • IFC in Sturgis may be cancelled

    I just posted the fight card for the IFC show and ran acrossed this from

    An absolute fiasco has engulfed the IFC show in Sturgis, South Dakota. The IFC was one of several shows to be prominently featured at the famous Sturgis motorcycle rally. Musicians B.B. King and the group 38 Special along with comedians Dana Carvey and Paul Rodriguez were all contracted to perform this weekend. Unfortunately it seems as if a crooked investor has forced the cancellation of all performances. Ron Rose is a 7x World Poker Champion and one of the co-investor/promoters. Mr. Rose apparently stole an estimated 400 to 600 thousand dollars of the ticket sales and then promptly skipped town. He also took with him all of the E ticket terminals. The terminals were the only record keeping machines for the revenues being generated and it is assumed that he took them so he could wipe out the hard drives, making an exact accounting of how much he took impossible. Several hundred bikers had purchased tickets to the various shows and are now left with the fact that they were duped out of their money. Millions will be lost on the show due to the fact that there were several television shows filming the perfomances along with an HBO special. The IFC show was set to be a pay per view event and will very likely be cancelled if other investors don't ante up for the stolen revenue. Paul Smith and Monte Cox are scrambling to make the Horn vs. Marquardt fight happen, however Pe De Pano vs. Severn and all of the Brazilian fighters' fights have been officially cancelled. We will not find out until tomorrow morning whether or not the whole show will be cancelled.

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    Kenny Rogers made the song "The Gambler" famous many years ago, telling people "know when to hold them, know when to fold them." Former World Series of Poker player, Ron Rose, evidently knew "when to walk away and when to run" with the International Fighting Championships money.

    In a truly bizarre story the past 24 hours, broke the story yesterday on our Soundoff Forum that the IFC's partner for the Sturgis effort, multiple time world poker champion Ron Rose, played a stunning hand. Rose without a word, shut down the E-tickets computers used to purchase IFC and Sturgis Music Festival tickets, took the computers and the thousands of dollars in cash collected so far and bolted out of Strugis. His whereabouts at this time are unknown.

    IFC commissioner Paul Smith has been frantically working behind the scenes to make sure that the show goes on but as of now fighters have been told to not take their flights to Sturgis unless they hear back from the IFC. The International Fighting Championships was hoping to hear something by 10am this morning, but as of press time the event was not happening.

    This fight card, featuring Jeremy Horn vs Nathan Marquardt, not to mention the rest of the Sturgis Music Festival featuring BB King among other groups has become a casualty. A 15 thousand seat arena is empty as it has taken a huge chunk of the celebration out of the biker rally in South Dakota