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Brazilian Jiu Jistu/ Gracie Jiu jitsu..whats the difference?

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  • Brazilian Jiu Jistu/ Gracie Jiu jitsu..whats the difference?

    Is there a difference between these 2 styles??? Because honestly i dont see one.

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    Same technique, different teachers. Just a minor copyright issue.
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      Gracies take thier teachings Serious an it takes time 2 earn your Black Belt, where'as some BJJ black belts are given out as Honourary Black belts.
      i donno i've never heard of a GJJ black belt given out as honourary, from what i've read they have been earned over years of hard work.
      kinda drunk right now so take it for whats its worth.
      1bad u can give a better insight in this then i can what u got on your oppinion.


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        I've never heard of an honorary Black Belt being given out. The term 'Gracie Jiu-Jitsu' is indeed owned by Rorion Gracie. However you cannot copyright someone else's name so for example a Renzo affiliate could advertise he teaches Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

        The Machado family, who are cousins of the Gracies, learned GJJ from them up until about the 80s or so. Some sort of disagreement led them to break away and teach BJJ under their own names. Carlos Machado runs a great school up in Dallas. Jean-Jaques Machado is also very well known.


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          With Gracie Jujitsu u can expect it to take at least 8 years to reach black belt status. Other BJJ forms ive heard of people obtaining black belt status in as little as 3 years.

          An example of this is when i started training at the Gracie Barra academy a friend of mine started training with an independent non Gracie BJJ black belt. By the time i reached 2 stripes on my white belt the bastard had just past the test for his Blue Belt. So i avoided rolling with him because i thought he was just that much better than me, but eventually we rolled a session and i submitted him about 3 times out of 5. Our skill and knowledge of the art were pretty much at the same level, the only difference is i was a 2 stripe white belt and he was already a blue belt.

          Also there a subtle differences in the style that make it uniquely Gracie.


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            how many stripes do u get on each belt before you go to the next one i though u only got stripes on blackbelts?


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              Not all schools use stripes, but if they do it's four stripes per belt. Right now I'm a Blue with no stripes.

              I have a friend who is a Black Belt. It took him about 8 years to get it. He actually did some of his training in Brazil.


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                so there is no and my bro blair_wells#32 had a arguement about his last night and i knew i was right.


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                  I was told by a buddy of mine that trains a lot (He is a Brown Belt under Rodrigo Medeiros and is part of Team BJJ Revolution here in San Diego) told me that their version of BJJ is like speed chess and the Gracie Academy is more like traditional chess-long thinking process) and this is why the Gracie Academy guys do not do so well in competion. I do not know if tjhis is true, but maybe someone out there can verify who has trained in both methods.

                  I just know that Rickson studied under the Gracie Academy and he is still considered today as the MAN when it comes to competition BJJ.


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                    yeah an i told u that it takes longer for a gjj fighter 2 get his black belt that was the argument an looks like i was right drunk an all