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Mark Harris - ABA Champion?

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  • Mark Harris - ABA Champion?

    Saw this and wanted to see if anyone could verify it - there's an actor saying he was an ABA Champion in his youth but I can't see his name anywhere on their site or on Wikipedia. It's a pretty bold claim and he's going to play a boxer in an upcoming film so I hope its true! It's this chap called Mark Harris:
    "Training in his local gym Fitzroy Lodge from the age of seven, he went on to win the ABA Championships in his early teens, becoming a local hero in the process."
    "Mark has a boxing background – he was ABA Champion at the Fitzroy Lodge – and that will add a layer of authenticity.”
    "Mr Harris, a successful amateur boxer..."

    I've never seen his name on any winners lists but I could be mistaken... Is he a former champion? Or telling porkies?

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    search Mark harris Fitzroy lodge boxing there’s a press article from newspaper

    All facts and true by the looks of this


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      Get your mate to video on his phone, start a fight with this Harris lad, when you wake up watch the video to see if he had boxing skills or just KO'd you some other way


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        All facts and true by the looks of this-I agree.