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Anyone stick with Peep Show until the end?

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  • Anyone stick with Peep Show until the end?

    So this, in the early years, was arguably the best comedy on UK TV (I say arguably because I don't remember what else was on around that time) but then seemed to go downhill a bit before picking the quality back up in the final few seasons. Or at least that's how I saw it, the stuff where they cooked and ate a dog and both banged Sophie without knowing who the dad was were low points for me. Well, the dog eating was kinda funny I guess but still.

    The final series ended about a month ago, anyone stay with it until the end? I thought they basically did a good job, some really funny moments in the last few eps and avoided getting bogged down in a bunch of sentimental shite that wouldn't have suited the characters.

    Anyone else really wanna bang Dobby by the way? She seems like the kind of girl who would take a lot of persuading before taking it up the shitter but once that backdoor was opened and stuffed she'd be rubbing her clit aggressively, asking you to slam into her harder and loving the idea of a colon full of cum. At least that's my interpretation of the character, maybe someone a bit more learned than me sees it differently.

    Anyway, even though the last few years weren't exactly non-stop gold, it's the only UK comedy of the last 6-12 months I've enjoyed. Maybe I've overlooked something but Miranda Hart, Lee Mack or ****Gavin and ****Stacey really don't seem anywhere near this from what I've seen.

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    I stayed with it. I thought the final series just about got to the line, though it was certainly one of the weaker series. It was just good enough to maintain its reputation and legacy, I think.


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      That show got seriously flanderized around the third season.


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        I agree with the Bishop.


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            Originally posted by DitchTheTimelin View Post
            Football Soccer Football Soccer Football Soccer
            I guess this account was a bot, pretty good impression of a Brit tbf