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Anybody here watching Luther?

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    Originally posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I thought the final episode to this series was a bit weak. I enjoyed the first part of the 2 parter, generally the villains in Luther are quite cartoonishly bad, with the guy who's wife had been raped/killed and was trying to clean the streets it was a bit more interesting, you could decide for yourself who you wanted to see come out on top. He was a vigilante killer but killing the kind of people everyone hates anyway, and with reasonable motivation behind it. Then in the second part it he ended up shooting anyone he could and going to kill Luthers girlfriend, which ruined it.

    I'd agree it's a one character show, the next most screen time went to Luthers yorkie mate and there wasn't much to that character really. I don't know why they even bothered having that black girl kiss him, that storyline was very confusing, I wasn't sure if she was doing it to get the guy to rat on Luther or she actually liked him, it never really got developed or explained and now yorkie's dead anyway.
    Yeah pretty much agree mate.

    I'd watch again though just to see Luther eff **** up but as a whole the show was pretty flawed i thought


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      He's back! War DCI John Luther!


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        I have no idea about this.


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