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Battlefield Earth - OFFICIAL RBR and updates thread

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  • Battlefield Earth - OFFICIAL RBR and updates thread

    There are a lot of **** films out there that people are yet to see, and probably don't want to see, but wouldn't mind knowing a bit about anyway. Or maybe not. Here's a RBR anyway...

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    I'd shag the lass on the horse.


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      The film starts with some lad in a horse, then some old man or something. He looks familar, I think he's English in real life. Gambon or McKellen or someone like that.

      At first I thought the film was really quiet, but then I just increased the volume and that seemed to fix things.

      Anyway, this film is set in the year 3000, but they're all on horses and dressed in rags.


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        He's just found an abandoned crazy golf course.


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          The lass on the horse is indeed shaggable.

          The young guy has set out on a quest, didn't catch the exact nature of it though. Seems to be set in some kind of post-apocolypse society, ruined building and stuff. Still, not sure why the people live in the wood instead of rebuilding a society in the abandoned houses/buildings. Hope John Travolta shows up soon.


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            Everyone seems to be suffering from some kind of mental illness. ******ation would be my guess. Here comes predator.


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              Ok so here's what happened so far:

              A young guy went off, met some other guys and they hung out by the campfire. Then everything went slow motion and dark, a predator-looking thing attacked, it was hard to see what was happening but the next scene was the humans on some kind of plane-prison thing so them being captured seems a distinct possibility.


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                He poisoned them, then gave them nose plugs to breathe. (didn't understand either) The alien people look like Thundercats and Predator had babies.


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                  The aliens seem pretty strong, bigger than humans but basically the same as them. They speak in some foreign language which means subtitles which is annoying. It's an action film FFS, if I wanted to read a book, I'd go to a library.

                  Seems like Travolta is the leader of the aliens, or at least of this small group. He orders one of them to have a quickdraw duel with the human protagonist. The human wins and Trav seems impressed. At the alien bar Trav drinks something that looks like Mountain Dew. Forrest Whitaker is an alien as well.


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                    Imagine a mix of thunder cats, predator, klingon and coneheads and that's vaguely what they look like.