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    whio is hot who is know what to do!!!!!

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    Alan Green- superb technical fighter with speed AND power. This guy said he would be the "garbage man" of 160-175 (He'd clean up the divisions)
    Anthony and Lamont Peterson- These 2 boys grew up homeless and are fighting out of Washington, D.C. Lamont is more of a slick fighter, while Anthony is a boxer puncher. IMO Anthony is a bigger prospect because he has a punch, along with speed, but they are both highly touted.
    John Duddy- a vicious body puncher, who hasn't fully developed but is an awesome prospect. Once he develops a jab he will be a force.

    More to come I just can't think that well at the moment


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      ye John has done alright for himsrlf stateside since moving his base form Ireland.

      Brit guys look out for Gary Woolcombe, Tony Doherty is usueful, Anthony small maybe if he sorts his ego out may do something.

      Sam Rokundo is also an unknown who has slick skills.

      Junior Macdonald at cruiser has the physicallity to be a force but only seen him a couple of time but he has potential.


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        We only got a short look at him cos he smashed the guy in a round but George Hillyard looks an exciting prospect for the future, whatever happens he should be in some good fights.


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          Look out for Lucien Bute from Romania, currently living in Canada. His last win was an impressive TKO of Kabery Salem. 14-0 and all by KOs/TKOs and his opponent list recently has been pretty impressive for an up-and-comer.


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            nice thats more than calzaghe could do, impressive.


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              Yes, probably his win over Thobela is his most famous fight, since he crushed the former titlist so easily and nobody really knew much about him yet. The Cruz fight was good too since he went 12 rounds with already he has an advantage over the Klitschko brothers, lol.


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                certainly sounds like one to watch mate!

                Saleem gave JC ll the problems he coudl handle deckign him int he 11th.

                was still a clear points win for the the 9in frianess very rusty) JC.

                But to ko a wily dog like that early in a careeer points to promising things.


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                  I actually haven't seen the Calzaghe-Salem fight, you know once Joe started wussing out on everything I sort of gave up on him.

                  I should try to upload the fight and PM the link to all of you guys. Though these days I've been so busy I can't even get stuff up in my own lounge, so it might be a while.


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                    thas an idea ill set up a thread for fite downloads