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    bring it on

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    Shane Mosley - Floyd Mayweather at 135.


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      Mayweather would've beaten Mosley at 135 by UD win. Mosley's best was at 135, but Mayweather is in another level.


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        Originally posted by Parodius
        Mayweather would've beaten Mosley at 135 by UD win. Mosley's best was at 135, but Mayweather is in another level.
        Neither one really proved himself at LW. Mayweather really couldn't handle Castillo. Mosley is naturally bigger and stronger and probably at his best natural weight now, welter, whereas Floyd is tap dancing in the jr welter division, avoiding any big names or the welter division for now. What we don't know about Mosley is how much steroids affected his career.


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          Look at who Mosley beat at 135....
          Not anyone remotely special, & certainly no one as good & tough as Castillo.

          That would be almost impossible to choose from the two at 135.

          Neither had encountered anything close to the other, at 135.
          Mosley was an incredible mix of speed & power, while Floyd was what he always was & still is- the master boxer.


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            Let's pitch this one out and see who bites.

            Let's take the 28 yr old Rocky who KOed Joe Louis a year before Rocky's first title fight and match him with 21 yr old Cassius Clay who easily outboxed Cooper but was almost KOed at the end of the 4th in a controversial fight that Clay pulled out.

            Rocky was 37-0 with 4 yrs experience and Clay was 17-0 with 3 yrs experience. Rocky had little amateur experience and Clay was a storied amateur legend. Clay has about 4" of height, 25lbs of weight, and 13" of reach on Rocky.

            The bigger Louis was an alltime great who was on a long win streak against tough comp and put up a pretty fair scrap against Rocky. Cooper was a Rocky sized journeyman heavy prone to cuts and had a good left hook and almost whacked out the young Clay inspite of being thoroughly outboxed.

            Who wins and praytell us your reasoning. BTW, their classic 68 computer matchup has been rereleased on DVD. For those who don't know of this gem, Rocky went into training to lose 40 lbs and wore a toupee in filmed sparring matches against Ali who was one year into his exile. The DVD includes many behind the scences outtakes and reportedly the fighters developed a close respect for one another after some tense moments in the ring.