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    That's Graham Earl pulled out of his fight with Yuri Romanov through inujury and now Mark Hobson is out of the David Haye fight with shingles! If that's the case that can be nasty but it's so disappointing especially with this fight as it's been postponed before and I was hoping to see Romanov beat up another of our lightweights

    For cable/sky viewers tonight Eurosport are showing Froch/Barney at 19.00 then from 20.00-22.00 it's Beyer/Sheika presumably with some undercard action.


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      we get jones tarver 2 instead of earl romanov.


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        That's a decent replacement I suppose! especially if they show the Campbell/Diamond scrap from the undercard that was the fight of the night, they probably will so that's a good Friday & Saturday nights boxing we've got lined up


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          eamon magee to fight takaloo
          maggee only just come back from that leg incident , you think he be able to deal with takaloo?


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            There's so many question marks around this fight it's hard to pick a winner, Magee has the class and skill edge but how will his legs hold up in a long hard fight? Takaloo hasn't fought at welter for years so he could either be weight drained or strong as an ox. Just going on styles i'd say Magee on points, Takaloo's an attacking fighter so that should suit Magee's laid back countering style, Eamonn has always shown a great chin but Takaloo is much the bigger man naturally so this should be good.


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              hobson pulling out the fight is not good , i was looking forward to haye finally shutting up hobson , Hobson = domestic level, haye= potential world class


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                thers a bit of **** being thrown around there as well.

                they dont like each other.


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                  I always thought Haye would walk through Hobson anyway, not saying Hobson's crap or anything cos he's not but when he gets hit on the chin I don't like the look of him and if Haye can do one thing it's hit hard or is that two things


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                    I heard that Lacy is fighting Pemberton. I thought he was supposed to fight Joe Calzaghe?

                    I see two scenerios: Joe to win by UD or Lacy wins by KO.

                    But more emphasis on Joe winning.

                    So...who is Calzaghe going fight next if not Lacy?