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    Well, with Moorer/Foreman, Moorer had just beaten a 30-1 Holyfield, Foreman was ancient, hadn't fought in a year and a half and then had been whipped by Tommy Morrison. The idea that Moorer was the better fighter was proven for ten rounds when Moorer beat the living **** out of Foreman. Also, at the time Moorer had been dropped maybe once by Holy. Now people think of the Tua fight and whatnot and get a different idea.

    The Tito/Winky one is funny because so many clowns were saying over and over "Tito's gonna blast right through that guard! Der de DIR!", which is something meatheads say when they want to pick a power puncher over a much better boxer (who they'd like to call a *****). You'll still see people saying that kinda thing.

    And Wlad/Sanders, come on. Wlad was THE next big thing at that point and Sanders was a golfer looking for a payday. That was a HUGE upset.

    It's one thing to look at Pac/Barrera I or something where the better fighter was unknown or something, but to look at these kind of fights and say they weren't that big of an upset is just doing hindsight games.


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      I thought Foreman-Moorer was a big upset. Moorer was the linear champion and just beat Holyfield. Holyfield dominated the old man and Moorer did too for ten rounds. No way the big old guy would pull it off. I was surprised they didn't stop it earlier because Moorer was putting a beating on George. It was sad to see Foreman slowly stagger back to his corner. Then a miracle happened. And if it takes a miracle to win a fight it must have been a big upset.