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I don't think Eric Morales should comeback

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    Erik should just stay retired. Nothing more to prove for El Terrible, and the weight won't help him if he decides to fight again.

    What i did notice during his last few fights, was that his chin was still there. Sure he did get stopped by Pacquiao twice, but it wasn't like he was doing the chicken dance, or out cold. When he was stopped, he looked tired. Maybe if he does get to fight again, it would be his stamina that would be in question.

    I also think that if he wants to pick up a win again is that he should box smarter than his last fights. No more brawls, since i am assuming he would gun for higher weights, where his power is non-existent, and his steel chin might be cracked by the higher average power of punches associated with higher weight classes.

    If El Terrible does fight again, i'd like him to fight JMM, since JMM is slow as molasses at 144. Maybe Khan if Eric still has stamina, since no power is needed against Amir.


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      I don't either. If he gets KO'd or hurt I'ma be pissed/sad.