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    Originally posted by !! AI-Holmes!! View Post
    What are your top 5 songs of all time, I've always liked Classic Rock.
    My chioces are;

    1. White Room by Cream
    2. Yesterday by The Beatles
    3. Rock and Roll by Led Zepplin.
    4. Yellow Brick Road, by Elton John.
    5. Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.
    great list, I didn't think anybody heard of cream around here. Ever heard Crossroads and Sunshine of your love?


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      It is hagd to choose. I love music and there are so many great songs.


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        Originally posted by titanium View Post
        great list, I didn't think anybody heard of cream around here. Ever heard Crossroads and Sunshine of your love?
        Great songs. Clapton vintage!


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          I'm not sure if these would realistically be my top 5 but the following ones spring to mind:

          Layla - Eric Clapton
          Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
          I am the Resurrection - The Stone Roses
          Heliocentric - Paul Weller
          Secret World - Peter Gabriel

          There are loads of others, like Porcelain by Moby and Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones. But they're five of my favourites, so there you go.


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            In the air -Phil collins
            across the univer-Lennon/McCartney
            hey you -Pink floyd
            Bohem Rap-Queen
            Ruby Tuesday-Mick


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              December Flower - In Flames
              The Crowing - Coheed and Cambria.
              Death - Lack of Comprehension
              Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
              Mist - Protest The Hero


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                Originally posted by aldo.ray View Post
                pretty much rock fans here. datz cool

                1. bruce springsteen - the river
                2. tom waits - chocolate jesus
                3. david bowie - cat people
                4. gorillaz - dirty harry
                5. bob dylan - hurricane
                That it is.

                Good list btw.


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                  Like some others who have posted already, I'm mainly into rock. My top five changes on a fairly regular basis, but on most days it'll probably look like this.

                  1. Somethin Else-Eddie Cochran
                  2. Nadine-Chuck Berry
                  3. Ticket to Ride-The Beatles
                  4. The Kids Are Alright-The Who
                  5. Traveling Riverside Blues-Robert Johnson


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                    1. Ooops he did me in, britta spears

                    2. Genius in his bottle, chris algieri

                    3. fresh prince outta compton, fresh prince

                    4. touch my bumhole, elly john

                    5. I want to suck, monica brewinsky


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                      Sympathy for the devil
                      I'm yours
                      Get Back
                      Ain't no sunshine