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Please read the rules of the lounge BEFORE posting

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  • Please read the rules of the lounge BEFORE posting

    Welcome to the Adult Lounge. I would like to thank all the members who supported the creation of this lounge and also Rick Reeno and the rest of the BS staff who finally made it a reality.

    The purpose of this lounge is to have a place for civilized and respectful discussion and debate without any flaming, spamming, stalking, personal attacks or hijacking of threads. I understand a little verbal sparring can be fun but if you want to talk trash please take it to the Thunder Dome. Such behavior WILL NOT be tolerated here.

    If you violate these simple guidelines the offensive post will be deleted and you will lose your access to the lounge. However, I sincerely hope that this will not be necessary.

    Feel free to make threads and talk about any interesting topic. This is a boxing site and I especially encourges mature boxing discussion where we can exchange our beliefs with an open mind.

    Enjoy the lounge and stay cool.

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    If you read a post in this lounge that is offensive, harassing, useless/spam, or that is not what you consider respectful, PLEASE report the post or send me or Sonny a PM.
    we encourage people to express their opinions, but NOT to the point of being disrespectful of others.

    and of course, please report any "flaming" posts.

    remember that we are more strict than the main lounge and the other member lounges.
    the adult lounge is growing so quickly that we may not always see an inappropriate post.

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