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  • Off Topic: Looking for a Software

    Apologies if I'm asking an off topic question, I just want to ask those who works in human resource management if you use a tool in managing employee's records. I have a new job as a human resource manager. The office that I transferred to is using excel sheets for this and as my initial project I want to implement a system that can streamline and automate the process of managing employee's files. I was hoping someone here can recommend a system that can assist us in tracking current status of employee training, ensure that documents are updated in a timely fashion and can generate training reports. I know this is a long shot but I might as well try

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    The help of the advanced system and tools like an personnel management or so called employee tracking system, you can perform remarkable task in controlling performance of employees and do administrative jobs efficiently. Before considering a software you should know its functionality first. It will actually depend on the requirements and activities of your organisation itself.