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  • Top Guitarist all time

    Who are the all time greats?

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    Hendrix and Jimmy Page


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      No Clapton??


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        Eric Clapton is the best for me. His songs are timeless and I can listen to it, over and over again.Classic and timeless.


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          It depends really... From a technical POV the likes of Hendrix, Page, and Clapton weren't really that great, obviously I love listening to them but they're not that great really from a technical point of you although I'd much rather listen to someone like Hendrix than Joe Satriani.


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            lazy is kinda asking 2 questions here...
            1.Top Guitarist all time
            2.Who are the all time greats?

            I would answer like this...
            1. Top Guitarist all time.` This is a hard question to answer, because of all the different genre's of music, and the guitar players ability-agility-creativity-technicality to play that genre of music.
            That and i think it would be a matter of ones own opinion. There are so many musicians that aren't big names, are never even heard of, but are so very talented and gifted.
            2. Who are the all time greats?` I think this question points more to the people who have made big names in the music industry, but not just in name, but in talent, while still setting the bar for creativity and all the above mentioned traits for influence for the next generation of musicians. This too, i think is up for grabs in the opinion dept.

            I could make a list, but there are genre's that i don't care for, but are greats in their own right.

            That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
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              Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.


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                Personal vote is for Stevie Ray Vaughn.

                I used to claim Jimi Hendrix; but then I realized.....Hendrix was no mere guitar player. He was a force of nature. There is Hendrix...and then there is daylight.

                So, bringing it down to "guitar players", my vote is for Vaughn; but I am admittedly partial to the Blues.


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                  Johnny Marr is one of the most underrated guitar players ever, he is amazing


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                    mark tremonti.