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Fantasy Premier League: 100+ Quad Giveaway!

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  • Fantasy Premier League: 100+ Quad Giveaway!

    Attention all Football/Soccer fans!

    I have made a Fantasy League on the FPL website and I would like you guys to enter however, I have an incentive and prize for the best player. At the end of the season I will give the highest scoring player a minimum of 100 Quadrillion points. If we have enough participants, there will be prizes for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Get joining!

    League Code: 146169-675635

    Here's the website for those interested:

    The league will not officially start till Gameweek 5 (Approx Sep 12th) and this will ensure a level playing field so get joining my fellow fans! I hope we can have a bit of fun with this idea.

    *Prizes are liable to change (the prize money can only get higher)

    -Everyone who participates will get a cool 5 Quad for free.
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