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whats with aussie sledging ???

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  • whats with aussie sledging ???

    just watching a replay of that boofhead warner going off sledging at the cricket game , I don't get it ?? why do aussie cricket players act like such *******s ?? they also do it when there winning which seems worse as if your losing you might have an excuse to throw the toys out the cot and have a brain explosion , but to be winning and win ugly I don't get it when aussie cricket was losing badly not long ago they didn't seem to say jack **** on field what is it with players like warner and Watson they cant seem to help it , I know aussie cricket has a long history of bad behaviour on the field but why is this ??? I heard an all black saying that when you play aussie in rugby you just expect the same thing they talk **** all game so is it a aussie sports thing in general ??

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    Its all about taking someone off their game, getting the physiological advantage etc.

    Sportsman everywhere in the world do it, its not just aussies.


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      Aussies are the most unprofessional sportsmen in the world.


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        We're also bloody good at it!

        I think, particularly with Warner, the opponents know he'll fire back. So we try sledge to get under their skin, they sledge back to get under Warners skin, they know he'll bite. Shame for them he also backs it up with centuries.


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          Originally posted by Lullaby View Post
          Aussies are the most unprofessional sportsmen in the world.
          Cant be worse then Serena Williams making death threats to linesmen.