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What regular duties would you assign an assistant?

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  • What regular duties would you assign an assistant?

    Serious question — but serious and non-serious answers are welcome:

    If money were not an object, and assuming you are busy enough to benefit from an assistant, what work/errands/organizing would you want a good boxing assistant to take care of so you can focus on training and “day job”?

    Do you know any fighters with assistants?

    1. Gear: What gear would you always want packed and clean and ready so you could grab a gear bag or travel bag and always know what need will be there and ready for you?

    2. Scheduling: What do you always want to make sure is on your calendar? Do you want a daily routine scheduled? What boxing and non-boxing activities do you always want on your schedule? How far in advance would you book a fight?

    3. Pre-fight: Day before and day of a fight, what would you want a good assistant to do for you, and have ready for you? What do you want them to take care of so you don’t have to think about it, or worry it won’t get done?

    4. Post-fight: Same idea — when a fight is over, what do want taken care of so you can relax/rest/recover/think about the fight? Any business-related things to take care of?

    5. At an event: Do you want your assistant in the background (invisible), or close at hand to do errands, taking care of personal things?

    6. Would you rather a] deal with people through an assistant to keep them out of your way or b] have an assistant in the wings that deals only with you?

    7. Assuming you work with a trainer, would it be useful to have your assistant present during training? Or would you prefer they focus on non-training work and keep those things separate?

    8. Home: How would you want your home space organized so everything is always ready and supports your life as a fighter?

    9. Shopping: What shopping, etc. would you like always taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it — you know you always have what you need?