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A Life without Sex?

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  • A Life without Sex?

    Imagine a life with the ideal job, the ideal house, but you could never have sex again! You could strive to get the recognition you desire in other areas of live, but you wouldn't be able to have sex. You could still masturbate of course, but you just couldn't have sex, or have the hope of having sex. Honestly I don't think I'd mind it that much as long as I knew that women still lusted after me.

    For those of you who are familiar, two examples of fictional characters who don't seem to get laid but yet still have female attention are Gil Grissom from CSI, and Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. Grissom clearly had no woman in his life, but he got away with it somehow. He didn't seem like the sort of guy who'd be mocked for not getting laid or anything. He's consumed in his job so much that it's as if some women view it has a challenge to get his attention. With Patrick Jane, he goes for something like a decade before getting involved with a woman after the death of his wife, even though he could have almost any woman he wanted.

    Of course in real life, if you seem like a pretty cool guy, and you don't don't have any women, it's going to confuse people. You're going get nagging questions from people about your love life. But of all the different ways there are to attract women, I think they still need to know that you're f**king other women in order to really desire and respect you? I guess it's because they know that you either "want it", or else that you must be asexual or something!

    The reason I'm saying all this is that I've been worrying about how I perform in bed, and therefore it's only natural for me to find a way to be okay with worst case scenario, i.e, a life without sex. I love women and I love masturbating, but I don't know if I can ejaculate while having sex. At the risk of being considered a troll, let me explain what I mean. I have never been able to masturbate with my hand. I was late getting my first wet dream, and it took me a while to figure out a way to fap that worked for me, that involved humping my blanket while lying on my side. I protect the blanket from the semen with a t-shirt, and I let my p*nis slide up and down between it and my leg! I thought this was okay as for years I just assumed that when it eventually came to sex with a girl, that I'd just be so horny that I'd manage to come whatever way. The other thing is that I prefer to ejaculate when my p*nis is kind of flaccid and not fully hard. When with the once I tried to dry hump her ass (no condom). I felt like I was getting to coming that way but it didn't happen!

    The last time I brought a girl home, it wasn't very good. I couldn't stay hard, and it ended awkwardly. This is fine if it's a stranger who you've met in a bar. But what if I got the offer to have sex with someone I know? I couldn't risk it. It's for this reason that I've been considering going to an escort to practice! That would be fine because there would be nothing personal to it if it got awkward. In fact if I could get the right sort of girl, and communicate my problem clearly, and then have her help me as if she were a therapist, that would be ideal. A lot of people seem to suggest never to get a prostitute, but I can't see any other solution. The reality is that my approach anxiety has only gotten worse since I lost my virginity... for obvious reasons.

    There are girls I know and like, and even though I fear having sex with them, I'd still like to ask them over to may place just for their company. I'll put it this way - I'd love to be able to have a girl over and just at the point in time when things are getting intimate, have an earthquake start! When having sex staying hard isn't too much of a problem, but I've been wondering if I should just pretend to orgasm if with a girl, and then masturbate later.

    Any advice?

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    My life without sex only depend on Masturbation and always watch beautiful girls and Aunties in public and watch boobs highly


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      Originally posted by boxeryeah View Post
      My life without sex only depend on Masturbation and always watch beautiful girls and Aunties in public and watch boobs highly
      So how old are your aunties?


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        I wouldn't be able to live without sex, it's such a bright part of every human life, you can't restrain yourself from following the basic instincts


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          You can still enjoy a full and satisfying life without ever having sex.
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              Originally posted by shootingcrew View Post
              You can still enjoy a full and satisfying life without ever having sex.
              Are you the Pope?............