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  • I love to eat

    I love to eat rice with green pepper,soup,chicken,steak.I love to drink coffee and orange juice.Thank God for food.i just love to eat!

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    I love to eat Friend chicken. Pizza, Grilled Burgers, Cold drinks Coke, banana shake, Orange juice, Apple juice, and Ice cream.


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      Dayum, I love Asian food! especially Korean and Thai.

      I'm looking for a recipe for beef pot pie. Think chicken or turkey pot pie, but with beef. I've found the European and Australian meat pies and shepherds pie, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. As bad as this sounds think the frozen pot pies. I just had a half of beef processed from my farm and I'm trying to find lots of beef recipes that will do well for leftovers and meal prepping.
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        I love to eat most foods, which is a problem for me (severe weight gain). I am 6kg/12lbs heavier than my ideal weight. Even today, I already ate my daily calorie quota, but I ended up eating 3 slices of pizza & a piece of chocolate cake on top of my daily calorie quota. I'm going back to dieting starting tomorrow... By the way, I haven't been working out for the last 2 years, but I started dips & squats last week. On my first day, I did 70 squats and 49 dips altogether (not at once, in sets), but my muscles have been sore for the whole week, and today, I could do only 10 dips & 10 squats. The only significant source of protein right now is my 3 cups of protein shakes (480 Calories, 75g protein, supposedly), but maybe I should eat more protein. 1 can of tuna gives me 30g protein according to the label for only 120 Calories. (Give or take 20% discrepancy.)