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Walking or Jogging Is Good For You

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  • Walking or Jogging Is Good For You

    If you are someone who is forced to walk long distances by your job,place of residence etc,do not compain,this is good for you and your heart.Your whole body depends on the health and the pumping of your heart.Jogging or walking keeps your heart alive and young.

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    No doubt. I do both.


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      Used to run/jog and hike until the years of running many miles on paved surfaces ruined my knees. Don't regret the running as it had many benefits both physically and mentally. About 20 years ago I phased out the running and replaced it with cycling. No regrets there either.
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        walking and jogging help to build strong bones, as it is a weight-bearing exercise. it also improves cardiovascular fitness.


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          Yes, I agree. I do this every day, walk around our neighborhood


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            No doubt, walking and jogging keep you healthy. I do this every day as my exercise


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              It is.

              Activity in general is good for you.

              That's why I don't get why people who don't like to- or don't really want to- workout or lift weights, do either.

              Like, if you don't enjoy lifting weights or going to the gym, then don't. Just go walking in a park or a trial, or hiking etc. Just get your ass off the couch and stroll the mall for an hour.

              But social media and its brainwashing has people doing things don't even want to do for attention or desire to acquire attention.