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  • Punk rock

    Punk and hip hop are my two favorite genres. I am a drummer too. I love playing punk rock songs on my CPU while playing along with promark hotrods.

    My second favorite stick is the questloves by ahmir Thompson from the roots.

    Anyway what punk rock bands do you enjoy? My favorite is social distortion they have an awesome sounding guitar (Mike Ness) under my thumb was dope.

    I like rancid, all of their albums are a classic, Brendan steinekert from the used is an awesome new drummer. All 5 of those guys (including Brett Reed) are punk rock. Fav song Lola blue.

    The damned, wait for the black out

    The descendants "I'm the one"

    Davey havok and co.

    The head stones

    The mtx starship aka Mr. T experience

    Offspring, awesome hard core punk

    Greenday, forever growing in changing their sound

    The distillers, girl has a sexy voice.

    Not really into nofx

    Love plenty rock n roll as well

    In geezer rock I enjoy evil conduct and last resort

    Speaking of hot chicks,: Jenny Wu on randale records.

    What kind of punk raised you ?

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    Real hardcore punk: GBH, MDC, The Exploited, **** Sparrer, UK Subs, The Adicts, Broken Bones, ETC...ETC...


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      I’ve seen social distortion or at least what was left of them. Sex Pistols also. Clash is great of course. Bad brains. Fear.


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        What about... Negro terror!


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          I laso like punk rock, like the Ramones, the Clash


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            punk is my pure love, my father used to listen to punk music when I was living with parents


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              Originally posted by BoxingAlly View Post
              I laso like punk rock, like the Ramones, the Clash
              I also like the Ramones and the Clash